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Our dark wood hurricane candle urns are carefully crafted in West Sussex, each one hand turned and carved from solid american utile wood, finished with a light wax. The ash chamber is concealed within the base of the wooden urn and secured with a round wooden plate. The top of the urns can be engraved with a loved one’s name, quote and dates or left plain at no extra cost.


We will contact you before we engrave your item to make sure you are happy with the wording, text and layout. 


Please Note:  This urn will not hold a full adults ashes, please see our guide on the home page or contact us for options.




Wooden Hurricane Candle Urn - Dark Wood

  • Where do the ashes go?

    The ash chamber is concealed within the base of the wooden hurricane candle urn. The entrance is located at the base of the urn and is secured with a wooden round base plate and 2 screws, finished with navy velour.

    What if we don't have the ashes?

    If you don't have the ashes (for example if there was a burial rather than a cremation) you can still use The Candle Urn range. The ash chamber can be used for the safekeeping of small personal items such as a lock of hair, jewellery, or notes.

    Can the urn be personalised?

    Yes, the urn can be engraved with a loved one’s name or quote.  

    Can I use my own candle?

    Yes, you can purchase the hurrican candle urn without a pillar candle.

    Can I choose the candle fragrance?

    Yes, please select the candle fragrance from the drop-down menu below


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