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Who doesn’t love those fresh crisp white sheets fresh from the washing line?   You know the ones, the ones that make you make the bed and then look forward to climbing into it that very same night…alone or not alone.  I think we all have a scent memory that could be triggered but this huggable fragrance.  It’s crisp aldehydic top notes added with the pure and clean freshness of eucalyptus mixed with soft minty


Aromas |  Eucalyptus, Mint, Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang-Ylang, White Musk.

(Inspired by Fairy Fabric Softener)

Huggable Scented Candle

  • The SCENT candle collection has been designed with great love and care in West Sussex, England. Each Scent Memory fragrance has been carefully selected to help trigger SCENT MEMORIES that each of us hold within. Only the finest blends of oils and wax have been used and each candle is hand poured into gorgeous heavy weighted glass which is new to the UK candle market.

    The glass candles are branded only with one single delicate Angel which gives a sense of mystery to your candle, especially when the Angel gentle glows when the candle is lit. 

    The fragrance of the candle itself is only shown on the base of the candle, this adds to the mystery and the ambiance which surrounds the meaning of the candle itself.

    Our fragrance collection is also available in votives, room sprays and diffusers which can be used all around your home. 

    We are proud to confirm that all our fragrances have been tested and approved by the IFRA, The International Fragrance Association.

    To achieve the best scent memory experience and to maintain the quality of your candle for longer please view the candle care guide and remember, the key to creating a perfect candle burning experience comes down to how the candle is maintained throughout its lifetime.

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