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Our new wooden hurricane angel wing candle urns and keepsake set is the perfect collection if you wish to share some of the ashes between family members. Designed to be personal, discreet, uplifting that aim to bring peace, comfort, and connection to families. 


Each urn is hand turned and carved from solid utile wood. Whitewash, waxed to create a rustic country feel and finally finished with a single white angel wing and soft large coloured bow of your choice.


Where do the ashes go?

The ash chamber is concealed within the base of the wooden candle urn. The entrance is located at the base of the urn and is secured with a round wooden base plate and 4 screws, finished with navy velour.


What if we cannot fit all the ash in the urn?

It is becoming increasingly common to share the ashes between family, there could be a few reasons for doing this but the most common in our experience is to help comfort each family member by keeping their loved one close. This option will hold the majority of the remains, depending on the amount of ash you hold.


Hurricane:  apx 75 - 100cubic Inches

Keepsake:  apx 10 Cubic Inches each


What if we don't have the ashes?

If you don't have the ashes (for example if there was a burial rather than a cremation) you can still use The Candle Urn range. The ash chamber can be used for the safekeeping of small personal items such as a lock of hair, jewellery, or notes.

Angel Wing Hurricane Candle Urn and Keepsake Set

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