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About Us

The Candle Urn company is based in West Sussex, England and was established in May 2021 by founder and designer Stephanie after the tragic loss of her sister, Susan.

The first year

By August 2021 the company was quickly recognised for its unique candle urn design by funeral directors and celebrants around the world creating the companies first stockist portfolio and affiliation program. 

In January 2022 The Candle Urn was shortlisted into The Gift of The Year awards and was later showcased at the February Spring Fair.  The Candle Urn was live judged by high-street retailers, such as John Lewis which took the company into the finals of not just The Gift of The Year awards but also an entry into The People’s Choice awards. In March The Candle Urn Company was put forward to The Sunday Times Magazine for a spot in the Retirement Living section which added yet another achievement to their growing portfolio.


Stephanie’s vision in starting the company was to create a discreet yet uplifting urn option to the memorial market whilst at the same time encouraging families to continue their bond with their loved ones through the power of scent memories.


Stephanie’s love and passion can be felt and seen in all aspects of the company. Most importantly it is her own personal loss and her openness in sharing her experiences that drives the company with an extraordinary personal edge, touching the hearts of her clients. 

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